Why is the micro market becoming so popular? This new concept of an onsite ‘mini’ convenience store not only offers a greater range of products than traditional vending machines, but it also presents a range of benefits with the built-in Self-Service kiosks.

Lower Costs

As the micro market vending kiosk is self-serve, you save resources on having to keep staff onsite to keep the market operational. This also lowers costs and allows you to direct funds to staff and other areas of the business, while still being able to provide healthy options for visitors and employees.

Payment Options

Micro market kiosks are equipped with the latest technology for scanning and include contactless payment options which encourage a fast and accurate check-out process, saving time while remaining efficient. This includes tap-and-go payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay electronic wallets, and utilising near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables data exchange between payment devices and readers.

Remote Connection

Self-service kiosks are networked to be remotely accessible for updates and fixes, allowing you to track and monitor stock level changes and gain up-to-date sales insights and data. You can adjust and tailor your stock choices and volume based on sales information and ‘busy days’ to ensure your staff are looked after. 

Promote Purchases and Increased Spending

Unlike traditional vending machines where you can only vend one item at a time, a Micro Market kiosk allows you to browse and purchase multiple items in one go, bringing in more revenue and profits. Customers are also encouraged to buy more as they are in a ‘shop’ setting where they can ‘feel and touch’ the product and read nutritional labelling before a purchase.

Improved Customer Experience

Micro market kiosks offer greater flexibility than even the traditional in-house cafeterias while allowing for 24/7 convenience like vending machines. They are the best of both worlds when it comes to providing an unrestricted menu of fresh and healthy food and drinks. Visitors and staff can enjoy a personal and enhanced market experience where they can take time to browse before purchasing, all within the comfort of the work environment.

Why a Provender Micro Market

Whatever your industry or business, Provender can help you promote healthier eating in your facility, office, or campus. Our Micro Markets offer all-day convenience 24/7 right onsite, custom-fit for your space, and best of all, free of cost. We take care of it all – from delivery, installation, monitoring, restocking, and maintenance, to security set up for your micro market, at no extra cost to you.

Get in touch to see how you too can reap the benefits of a self-serve Micro Market kiosk installed in your workplace today.