Here at Provender, we are committed to being at the forefront of providing vending solutions and technology. Our machines are equipped with cutting-edge and energy-saving features, and we constantly improve and update our range of products to suit the evolving market and tastes.

In line with our premium vending services, were excited to introduce our latest range of TechNGo products, providing you with the ideal solution to meet the technological needs of staff and visitors in your workplace or facility.

Tech for the New Generation

If you are from an earlier generation, youll probably associate vending machines with pre-packaged junk foods and soft drinks. Nowadays, vending machines can be customised to vend everything from fresh meals to non-food items. With smartphones and portable digital devices now becoming the norm, it also makes sense that machines should offer the latest tech vending convenience.

Partnership with Our Pure Planet

There is also a growing awareness of sustainability and providing environmentally responsible options to consumers. Provender has partnered with Our Pure Planet, a 100% Australian owned and operated supplier of electronic products that have zero plastic impact and are 100% carbon neutral.

Our Pure Planet is committed to using recycled materials, with packaging alternatives that are designed to eliminate unnecessary waste. Other materials are also offset by working with sustainability partners around the world to ensure the products have no impact on the environment.

Make a Difference

With over 5.5 million plastic bottles already saved from the oceans, you can help make that difference in providing environmentally responsible tech options in your machines. Choose to include a wide range of TechNGo convenience items including:

  • Our Pure Planet 3 in 1 cable (non-MFI), 1m
  • Our Pure Planet audio cable 3.5mm, 1m
  • Our Pure Planet Bluetooth Earphones 700XHP
  • Our Pure Planet Bluetooth Speaker 300XP
  • Our Pure Planet Bluetooth Sport Earphones
  • Our Pure Planet Car Charger 2 USB port 3.4A
  • Our Pure Planet Charge & Sync Lightning cable, 1m
  • Our Pure Planet Charge & Sync micro cable, 1m
  • Our Pure Planet Charge & Sync USB-C cable, 1m
  • Our Pure Planet Earphones (bamboo style)
  • Our Pure Planet Earphones Black
  • Our Pure Planet Headphones
  • Our Pure Planet Powerbank 5,000 MAH 2 USB port
  • Our Pure Planet Powerbank Premium 10,000 MAH 2 USB port
  • Our Pure Planet Wall Charger 1 USB + 1 USBC port
  • Our Pure Planet Wall Charger 2 USB ports 4.8A

Get TechNGo in Your Vending Machines

Our TechNGo range can be included in your customised vending solution, whether you are looking at installing a separate tech solution, or adding items to your current machine. Get in touch with Provender to find out more about getting your FREE vending machine today.