A Provender GrabNGo Micro Market is a fully serviced food and convenience outlet installed within your workplace. Each Micro Market features barista quality coffee, freshly prepared healthy ready-made meals, as well as fruit, bakery, snacks, dairy, snacks and convenience items.

The fully automated, self service kiosks make purchasing a breeze – it is literally as simply as swipe, tap and go. It’s easier, simpler, less expensive and healthier than takeaway or delivered food choices and the community atmosphere created by the Micro Markets is immeasurable.

Whether you’re providing healthy options or meals and coffee for remote locations, look no further than a Provender GrabNGo Micro Market to provide for your workforce.

A Provender GrabNGo Micro Market is right for your company if:

You have over 80 staff on-site everyday

You care about the health and wellbeing of your staff and workforce

Other reasons to consider a Provender GrabNGoMicro Market:
* Your staff are asking for great Barista quality coffee to be available on-site
* There are limited nutritious food options close by your workplace
* Your workforce work irregular shifts and need food service 24/7
* Your current in-house food service is too expensive or inflexible
* You are looking to reward your staff through meal subsidies
* You want to attract staff back to the office
* You want a hassle free on-site food service option that costs you no money
* Workplace wellness is a company priority

The Micro Market has vastly expanded the site capacity and diversity of food and drinks options since launching across our sites. The Fresh Food is selling so well in the Micro Market because of the variety. We have a very diverse workforce so having that diversity is critical.

Site Procurement Manager & Procurement Operations. Amazon Australia

Why Choose a Provender GrabNGo Micro Market

Feed the minds of your workforce.

Decrease time wasted on “popping out for a coffee” and increase workplace productivity through nutritious meals, delicious drinks and healthy snacks.

Encourage community & collaboration

Your Micro Market is a community place, an informal space to encourage collaboration, communication and to inspire conversation and sharing of ideas.

Attract talent & great staff

In our post-Covid world, the rules have changed. The Employee Value Proposition is more important than ever. Lead the way and attract your best talent.

Be the reason your staff are happy

Quite simply – Look after your workforce and they will look after your business. Give your teams a reason to come back to the office and encourage them to be their very best.

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Imagine a space where your employees come to relax, to chill, to discuss, to brainstorm. A place where they feel comfortable enough to kick back and enjoy a meal with colleagues, a coffee with mates or a snack with their co-workers.

Imagine a space where your employees come to relax, chill, discuss, and brainstorm.

A place where they feel comfortable enough to kick back and enjoy a meal with colleagues, a coffee with mates, or a snack with their co-workers.

The Provender Commitment

Just as health and wellness, choice, and convenience are fundamental to your Provender GrabNGo Micro Market, a partnership is fundamental to our Provender philosophy. We will continue to work with you, long after installation, to optimise your Micro Market and meet the expectations of your staff and workforce.

Our fully integrated and experienced team handles everything for you; design, food choice, installation, servicing, fulfillment, regular specials, promotion, communication, security, and reporting.

And now for the really surprising part:
All of this is provided at absolutely no cost to you!

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Provender GrabNGo Micro Market

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