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Welcome to the future of convenience! We are thrilled to introduce our full range of vending machine services to Townsville. Provender vending machines provide quick and easy access to a wide range of snacks and beverages 24/7.

Regardless of your business or your location, if you have 70 or more people on site each day, we have a solution for you.

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You know what they say about Townsville?
Beautiful one day,
perfect the next.
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Living and working in Townsville, Queensland, offers a unique and enriching experience that combines a relaxed tropical lifestyle with vibrant opportunities for personal and professional growth. Located on the northeastern coast of Australia, Townsville boasts a plethora of highlights that make it an appealing destination.

The city is nestled between the Great Barrier Reef and the picturesque Magnetic Island, providing residents with access to breathtaking beaches, snorkeling, and diving adventures. The region’s warm, tropical climate ensures pleasant weather year-round, allowing for a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and water sports.

Townsville’s thriving economy offers diverse job opportunities across various sectors, including tourism, mining, education, and healthcare. The city is home to several educational institutions, research centers, and medical facilities, making it an attractive destination for professionals and academics seeking career advancement.

The town’s community spirit is also a highlight, as it fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Residents of Townsville are known for their friendly nature and strong sense of camaraderie. This tight-knit community comes together during various cultural events, festivals, and sports activities, creating a vibrant and lively social scene.

For families, Townsville provides excellent educational facilities, recreational parks, and a range of family-friendly activities. The city’s commitment to sustainability and preserving the environment further adds to its allure.

Moreover, Townsville’s well-developed infrastructure, including a modern airport and efficient public transport, ensures ease of travel both within the city and to other destinations.

Our local franchisees live and work in Townsville. They are as local as you are and who better to work with than a Townsville local? Provender Vending supports local business with choice and convenience provided through vending machines, coffee machines and micro markets. And the best thing? We do it all for you – we stock the machines, manage and service the machines and when you have more than 80 staff or visitors in your facility daily, this is all at absolutely no cost to you! Interested? Contact us today.

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We service most locations across Australia so if your location isn’t listed CALL TODAY to enquire.

Provender Vending provides you with:

  • European state-of-the-art vending solutions
  • Contactless payment options
  • Capability to source products of choice
  • 24/7 self-service convenience
  • Healthy eating choices for employees onsite
  • And so much more
Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Vending convenience to satisfy your staff, clients, and visitors.

Variety at your fingertips

From fresh cooked meals, healthy snacks and drinks, to PPE and Travel Essentials accessories.

Personalised service

Peace of mind with just one point of contact to take care of all your vending needs.

Tailored solutions

Customised vending options to meet the dietary needs of employees or space requirements

Smart reporting

Machines are monitored remotely 24/7 and products restocked regularly

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Provender GrabNGo
Micro Markets

A Self Service Cafe At Your Workplace

Open 24/7, Provender GrabNGo Micro markets offer greater vending flexibility and provide your staff with an unrestricted menu of fresh and healthy food and drinks, or the everyday snacks if that is your preference.

Get your vending solution in 4 Steps

Clever ways to pay

Provender is a market leader in cashless payments, including payment Apps from Smart Phones.

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Choose from leading vending product brands

Provender caters to a range of palates and carries healthy, low-calorie snacks as well as more indulgent treats.

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We specialise in healthy vending options

Provender has developed and introduced a range of healthy snacks under our ‘Lifestyle Balance®’ brand.

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24/7 monitoring technology

We don’t clock out. Ever. With Provender you have the security of 24hr local remote monitoring and support.

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Whether you would like a vending machine for your office, guest house or university campus, Provender make it easy. We offer complimentary delivery, installation & ongoing service.