Get A FREE customised lolly vending machine for your shopping centre or amusement centre

Provender offer you flexibility with our huge range of vending machines and customisable Micro Markets.
Our lolly vending is a game changer and one of the easiest ways to increase revenue and foot traffic in your centre.
The machines operate around the clock, require no staff and are stocked and fulfilled by us, at no charge to you.

A vending solution perfectly tailored to kids

At Provender, we supply one of Australia’s largest ranges of vending options and are the only truly National vending operator in Australia.

Our network of franchisees will work closely with you so that you do not have to do a thing.

We’ll help keep the kids happy whenever they’re in your centre.

You and Provender lolly vending
A super sweet partnership

Universal Candy are the largest single importer of kids novelty confectionery from all over the globe, including the coolest and most popular brands such as:

Provender are putting the ‘cool’ for kids into your business or facility, the lollies are a kids magnet providing a pull towards your establishment.

All of our machinces offer easy and modern payment options by credit cards, mobile devices, and smartwatches including Apple Pay or Android Pay and all are installed with leading-edge proprietary service-driven cellular as well as energy-efficient technology.

Our end to end management technology system allowing for close monitoring and performance reviews to maximise sales based on trends and needs of your demographics.

And if all of that weren’t enough, we offer FREE installation, maintenance, restocking, monthly reporting and dedicated support from your local franchise operator.


A Novel Vending Experience to
Attract Kids and Revenue.

Choose from the full Universal Candy Range.

Kids love lollies and as Universal Candy and the undisputed largest distributer of lollies in Australia – we have you covered!

Why Choose Provender Lolly vending?

  • Provender is the only vending supplier for Universal Candy in Australia
  • Provender has the experiece, having supplied shopping centres, amusement centres and kids destinations across Australia
  • Our state of the art machines and innovative brightly coloured machine wraps are the perfect magnet for kids


It’s so easy to work with Provender!
Global Candy Collection

Boasting the most sought-after brands like ZAPPO, Warheads, Trolli, PEZ, and X-Treme Sourz.

Draw in the Crowd

Nothing says ‘cool for kids’ quite like our lolly machines, pulling families towards your establishment.

Fuss-free Transactions

Easy payments via credit cards, mobile devices, and smartwatches including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Zero Hassle

FREE installation, upkeep, restocking, monthly reports, and unparalleled support.

Revenue on Autopilot

Earn a 10% commission on all sales without spending a cent.

Always Open

Offer 24/7 vending, avoiding additional staff costs or fixed hours.


There are two winners when dealing with Provender:
You and all the people who
use your space.​
  • FREE delivery and installation
  • FREE servicing and restocking
  • Your choice of healthy, hand-selected products
  • 24-hour support and remote monitoring


Provenders complete vending spectrum

While lollies are our new star, Provender’s vending opportunities are vast.

Our other industry offerings include:

Travel Essentials
provender grabngo
Micro Markets
Coffee Vending
Coffee Vending
TechNGo vending
Tech N Go
TechNGo vending
Lolly Vending


A vending solution tailored to your workplace

There’s nothing better than a fridge fully-stocked with your favourites. That’s why you have complete control over the products in your Provender machine.

Have your heart set on a specific product? We’ll source it and stock it for you.

Get started with our curated product ranges

Vending Machines

These state-of-the-art machines conform to strict energy-saving standards. Remote monitoring ensures your stock will be automatically replenished when it gets low.

Coffee Vending

Lavazza and Provender partner to deliver high-quality, tailored coffee solutions for any commercial setting. Combining coffee with modern machines, we offer a complete coffee experience, catering to various industries with a shared passion for coffee excellence.


Like an in-house convenience store, micro markets allow for a far wider range of products. Staff can choose from a range of fresh meals, snacks and beverages. Then simply pay at the self-serve checkout.


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