Employee wellbeing is becoming a key focus for many businesses in recent times, with the increasing digitalisation of workplace set up, extended periods in front of computer screens, high productivity demands, well as the impact on mental health due to the recent pandemic. Having a designated office rest space or break-out area is a great way to support staff wellbeing and comply with health and safety requirements. A rest area doesn’t need to take up much space or be extravagant. Regardless of your business size, you can create a relaxing and healthy rest space for your staff, here are some ideas to get started: Furnishing The ideal rest area should include a range of furniture that promotes relaxation and comfort. For example, consider adding bean bags, lounges, and sofas. If space allows, you can set up a bookshelf with light reading materials, artwork, and inspirational quotes. Add some green with potted plants that are easy on the eyes providing a change of scenery from the computer screen. Mood Setting Natural sunlight is great for a positive boost while working indoors, or if there are no windows, install soft mood lighting to encourage downtime. Playing relaxation music in the background can also help create a calming atmosphere. Separate quiet corners for those that need some relaxation time and an informal ‘meet-up’ area for those that are looking for social interaction. Facilities & Amenities Include a kitchenette so that your staff can grab a coffee or refreshment while taking their break. For more variety, install a vending machine or micro-market that will allow additional healthy choices. Vending machines have come a long way, with the ability to now provide notorious snacks that are low-sugar, gluten-free, and low fat or calorie. There are even refrigerated meals that meet health star ratings, as well as café style hot coffees! Being able to enjoy a healthy snack can boost productivity and morale in your workplace. Choosing a Vending Supplier Provender is a 100% family-owned Australian vending solution provider serving nationwide. Our state-of-the-art modern machines are energy efficient and equipped with 24/7 monitoring as well as cashless, COVID-safe payment facilities. You can choose the products for your machine to suit the needs of your staff so that you can look after their wellbeing at your workplace. Provender can provide you with a tailored vending solution at no cost to you, with free delivery, installation, stock monitoring, and maintenance. Or find out more about our Premium Wellness Program designed specifically for your business. Our plans include:
  • Motivation Booster
  • Productivity Enhancer
  • Wellness Transformation
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