The hospitality industry has been hit hard during recent times, and we’re mindful that keeping on top of ongoing operating costs has become a challenge for many. In conversations we have had, one of the conveniences costing the most in terms of serviceability and losses is in the mini-bar service offered by many accommodation facilities.

If you find yourself resonating with this problem at your location, then we encourage you to read on to discover the ways that vending can help you reduce your ongoing costs.

In light of our conversations, we are noticing a growing trend for hotels to turn to the convenience of vending for their patrons.

It’s saving them the overhead costs included with filling and stocking, service and maintenance, electricity and other associated staffing costs.

This is where a Provender Vending Solution can help:

1 Reduce Overheads

Vending machines require minimal outlay and free up time for your staff to be more productive. Switching to a Provender Vending Solution allows you to reduce overhead or lower the pressure on your housekeeping and front desk staff.

2 Reduce Stock Wastage

Mini-bar service requires the constant checking and updating of perishable stock items, which become outdated or spoilt, causing unnecessary wastage. Our Vending Solution not only reduces stock wastage and minimises loss, but it can also rotate stock regularly to refresh product offerings.

3 Innovative Options

New state-of-the-art vending machines are highly energy-efficient, stylish and dependable. Gone are the days of rusty machines that only dispense junk food. Your vending solution can be customised to stock an extensive range of healthy food, drinks, and everyday essentials.

4 Touchless Vending

Our vending machines are equipped with the latest cashless payment capabilities supplied by Nayax, allowing our devices to enable ‘tap and go’ to minimise contact.

5 Revenue Generating

Did you know that our vending machines are equipped with verifiable sales software, with a percentage of every purchase going towards your business as site commission, potentially earning $2000^/month in revenue at absolutely no outlay to you – yes, that’s right, absolutely FREE.

6 Micro Markets

Have you seen our Micro Market solution? These are the perfect solution to replacing the onsite canteen or cafeteria.

Micro Markets can suit any layout, with self-servicing, which promotes social distancing. Best of all, it stays open 24/7, which means shift workers can enjoy a break with a wide variety of healthy snacks, quality coffee, and meals all available onsite.

Your Provender vending machines can stock just about anything you can think of! We can customise a wide selection of popular snacks and drinks (including dietary and healthy options), alcohol, toiletries, Health star-rated meals, and even everyday accessories.

Is it time for you to reimagine hospitality with Provender?

As Australia’s leading vending machine experts, we invite you to get in touch to find out more about our Innovative guest-centric vending solutions for your business that saves you operational costs while bringing in passive revenue.

Book a Complimentary Consultation with your local Provender Representative by calling us on: 1800 121 111.

^Potential revenue based on highest-performing sites