There are many benefits to businesses that include sustainability in their strategy. Sustainable business practices not only help companies reduce carbon footprint and save costs, contributing to a better future and reducing environmental impact can also positively enhance brand image and boost employee morale.

Sustainability through Micro Markets

If you have an onsite cafeteria, a good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by offering a more environmentally friendly Micro Market alternative.

Here are some key environmental benefits of having a Micro Market:

Energy Efficiency

A traditional cafeteria requires stout cooking equipment and a range of electronic appliances such as kitchen lighting, heating, and cooling. Micro Markets run on energy-efficient LED displays as well as special glazed glassed fridges with energy-saving or sleep mode that can further save operation energy.  

Reduced Wastage

Inevitably, food wastage results in cafeterias as you need to predict the volume required each day. Ordering stock can also be a challenge when dealing with fluctuations in demand onsite. However, a Micro Market can refill as needed with remote stock monitoring technology and a smart checkout system showing constant stock levels to minimise unnecessary wastage.

Lower Overall Overhead Costs

Micro Markets do not require additional staffing to stay operational. A Micro Market runs by itself with a self-serve kiosk that takes care of all transactions. This reduces overhead costs, and with less staff, you also minimise the need for additional facilities and resources in accommodating a cafeteria crew.

Provenders commitment to a sustainable future

As a leader in the vending industry, we demonstrate our commitment to a better environment with several policies, including our membership with not-for-profit organisation RRA (Refrigerant Reclaim Australia) to recover, reclaim and destroy unwanted refrigerants.

We also recognise and support the Recycling Container Deposit Scheme, choosing beverage products that are recyclable and eligible for refunds. In the case of non-beverage packaging, our range consists of products that are made from 80% soft plastics recyclable through REDcycle, a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

 Installing Your Micro Market

Your Micro Market can be fully customised to suit the needs of your staff and visitors. You can choose from the design layout to what is being stocked. 

Best of all, there is ZERO cost to you. We provide FREE installation, maintenance, servicing, and even security setup onsite. 

Employees can easily purchase healthy, affordable, fresh food without leaving work, with convenient 24/7 availability allowing for staggered break times and shift work. Having everything onsite in a Micro Market is a progressive and sustainable catering solution for workplaces of the future. 

Visit our website for more information, or to book your complimentary consultation with a Provender Australia representative, call us on 1800 121 111 or email us at: [email protected] today.