The recent growing trend of installing cost-effective, modern, and healthy vending machines in the workplace has also increased demand for Micro Markets. So, what is the difference, and which should you choose for your workplace or facility?

Vending Machines

There was a time when the lone vending machine was all you could find in the corner of a rest area, with limited choices of processed convenience food. Nowadays, the humble micro market vending kiosk machine has come a long way, providing various high-quality hot and cold drinks, fresh refrigerated meals, healthy snacks, and even amenities.

Micro Markets

The micro-market is a relatively new idea that has risen in popularity over the past half-decade in replacing the cafeteria. Similar to vending machines, micro-markets can provide a wide range of fresh and healthy options. However, the micro-market is more than that; think of it as a convenience store with open shelve displays and racks, refrigerators, and a self-service payment checkout.

Should I choose a Vending Machine or Micro Market?

Both options allow you to provide a wide range of nourishing refreshments to satisfy your staff and visitors. Both are equipped with self-serve cashless payment facilities for added convenience and hygiene. The decision comes down to the space and layout of your workplace or facility and the volume of products required. Here are several additional considerations to having a Micro Market:

  • Micro markets need a dedicated space or area, which is a perfect solution to replace an onsite cafeteria.
  • Micro markets encourage staff to take proper breaks and act as a ‘hub’ for informal meetings or socialising, promoting teamwork and morale.
  • Micro markets can stock hundreds of products, up to 10 times more than a vending machine.
  • Micro markets can cater for extra dietary requirements (eg. vegan, gluten-free)

However, not every workplace or facility has space or suitable layout to set up a Micro Market. In these cases, you can also consider having multiple vending machines strategically placed or have a combination of both – this is particularly useful for larger facilities in which staff work in separate departments that are distanced from each other.

In this case, you can set up a Micro Market in the central area, with several vending machines throughout each department to provide a quick option for staff taking shorter breaks.

Customisable just for you

The good news is, you can customise every Vending Machine and the Micro Market to suit your needs so that you can have the ‘best of both worlds. Looking after your staff and visitors couldn’t get any easier with Provender’s tailored solution for your facility.

Provender is Australia’s leading vending expert, and we have a strong network of vending operators nationwide, providing you with customised and superior service. Get in touch to connect with your local operator for an obligation-free quotation today!