Do you find you have hungry (or sometimes known as hangry) workers at your workplace? Let’s be honest, they are not necessarily the most productive group of people, and can even be, at times, downright unpleasant to be around.

What if you could ensure your staff remained productive and never had to nip out for a meal or an energy snack? Well, it’s possible.

Provender can set you up with an in-house Micro Market to ensure that your staff are conveniently well fed throughout the day. Micro Market vending services can serve as meal machines, effectively negating the need for a workplace cafeteria and the associated costs.

Let’s look at some of the ways a Provender Grab N Go Micro Market is superior to a cafeteria.

No Cost

The first, and probably most important, thing to note is a Provender Micro Market, is installed at absolutely NO COST to you. This means there is zero risk to your company.

There are no fees and no set up costs involved in a Micro Market within your company’s offices. All you need is to meet the minimum staff requirements and give us a call for a consultation. We will design a Micro Market solution that is perfect for your staff, their tastes, your location and your food and beverage mix.

No Staff Required

Cafeterias are highly labour intensive – service staff, chefs, and sandwich hands as well as cleaners. These overheads can get pretty costly. Micro Markets, however, require no on-site staff to operate whatsoever. It is entirely automated and/or self-service. Our nationwide service staff and franchisees will take care of all the maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, ordering and regular fresh and packaged food and beverage replenishment for you.

Space Efficient

Micro Markets might be larger than your average vending machine, but they are still far smaller than an entire cafeteria, which will require a much larger space. With cafeteria’s you need to consider storage space, serving space and a fully equipped kitchen as well. Micro Markets, however, are space efficient and flexible, allowing you to provide food to your employees in even the tightest of office spaces.

Convenient And Quick

Rather than ordering meals or standing in lengthy queues at a cafeteria, staff can quickly grab something they like from the Micro Market and away they go. This means less time is wasted away from their desks. The convenience and efficiency of a Micro Market is hard to beat.

Wide And Flexible Menu

Just about any product can be stocked in the Micro Market. This provides for a potentially wide range of options to choose from. Moreover, it is easy to change the menu up a bit, adding new items periodically. This means that staff will never grow bored with what is on offer. Thirdly, not everything in the Micro Market needs to be food. A range of alternative products can be sold – from batteries to beverages and Lavazza coffee, to PPE and tech.

Reduces Waste

The food in the Micro Market is designed to remain fresher for longer, plus we will re-stock fresh food frequently, leading to less wasted food than if you run a cafeteria. Various shelf-stable products can also be sold to reduce waste.


Micro Markets can be configured and adjusted to suit your business’s unique spatial requirements and customised to fit the personal needs of your staff.

Can Grow With Business

A Provender Grab N Go Micro Market can grow with your business as your business expands. A Micro Market ideally services businesses with more than 100+ staff members. Proving extremely beneficial long-term, your Micro Market will require no additional capital expenditure – just the opportunity for more machines, more products, and more opportunities for your staff.

For access to the best Micro Market vending services and meal machines on the market, contact Provender today.