Crane Shopper
cold drink & snack combination

Product Selection

Selection of cold food, sandwiches, dairy products, fruit snacks, cold drinks (can and bottle) and confectionery from the leading brands.
With each product occupying an individual compartment, the Shopper offers you a wide and varied range of products. Each compartment can hold a plated meal or can be separated into a maximum of four segments to offer sandwiches, snacks, dairy products, fruit or cold drinks.


  • User friendly – quick, simple and easy to use.
  • Refrigerated – to keep refreshments cool.
  • Vend detection – detects when a product hasn’t been vended and vends another product.
  • Energy efficient – low energy consumption.
  • Sophisticated temperature monitoring with auto lockout features to ensure food safety at all times.

Suitable For

Businesses that want to provide an around the clock catering solution.