Employee wellbeing has become a topic of focus in light of a more health-conscious society, both physically and mentally. Workplaces see the importance of reviewing and investing in EWPs (Employee Wellness Programs), with research demonstrating benefits of higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, sustaining morale and improved retention.

Healthy Eating is the Start

Looking after your employees involves providing them with fresh and healthy food choices. Having access to fresh food and drinks in a workplace impacts employee engagement and workplace wellbeing.

Provender can work with you to identify the best-fit vending solution for your workplace to complement and enhance your EWP.

Vending Solutions Tailored to Your Workplace

Whether your need a snack-sized machine, a self-serve café or something in between, Provender can provide a range of fresh and healthy options, available 24/7 onsite at your workplace.

  • Vending Machines

Customise your Provender state-of-the-art machine to stock a range of healthy products. These can include muesli slices, mixed nuts, protein bars, and low-calorie, low-sugar, and gluten-free options to cater to various dietary needs.

  • Smart Fridges

Staff can help themselves to fresh meal products or beverages from our modern range of self-serve smart fridges and pay with the tap of a card.

  • Micro Markets

Similar to having a mini convenience store in-house, micro markets allow for a far more comprehensive range of products with a quick and straightforward self-serve checkout, providing the ultimate convenience.

VIP Wellness Package

In addition to vending solutions, we have partnered with nutritionists, mindfulness coaches and fitness experts to create a 3 tired Premium Wellness Package that your employees will love. From snack box subscriptions to total body strength and wellness classes and nutritionist sessions, and growth mindset coaching, we can help you reach your workplace wellness goals.

Why Provender is Your Preferred Choice

Not only do you get a healthier workplace, when you partner with Provender you also gain a completely effortless revenue stream at ZERO Cost to you. If you plan to replace an onsite cafeteria, you also save on operational costs while not being limited to staff hours for trading.

Provender provides your healthy vending machine solution with:

  • FREE installation and rental
  • FREE regular maintenance
  • FREE monitoring of stock levels with smart remote tracking, as well as restocking as needed
  • FREE monthly sales reports
  • Commission on all product sales

Provender is the only franchise operator in Australia, giving you access to our Australia-wide network of dedicated operators ready to provide personalised customer service and support your business wellness goals.

Kickstart your healthy work environment with Provender, download our brochure or get in touch to arrange an obligation-free consultation with your local Provender representative today.