Having been in the vending industry for over 20 years, Provender is a leader in vending operations in Australia and truly understands what works in the market.

This is why we are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Universal Candy to bring the best vending experience targeting the kids’ market. Remember the joy of visiting the local candy shop or the fond childhood memories of dispensing lollies into paper bags?

Today’s kids still love the novelty of a lolly vending machine, and according to major retail partners, this confectionery market is even outperforming the traditional chocolate and lollies market!

Provender is the ideal provider in supplying the kids market with our state-of-the-art sleek machines, revolutionising modern lolly vending to a whole new level.

What our partnership can bring to your business:

  • Largest single importer of kids novelty confectionery from all over the globe, including the coolest and most popular brands such as:
    • ZAPPO
    • Warheads
    • Trolli
    • PEZ
    • X-Treme Sourz
  • Putting the ‘cool’ for kids into your business or facility, the lollies are a kids magnet providing a pull towards your establishment.
  • Easy and modern payment options by credit cards, mobile devices, and smartwatches including Apple Pay or Android Pay.
  • Appealing Vending Machines installed with leading-edge proprietary service-driven cellular as well as energy-efficient technology.
  • Total management technology system allowing for close monitoring and performance reviews to maximise sales based on trends and needs of your demographics.
  • FREE installation, maintenance, restocking, monthly reporting and dedicated support from your local franchise operator.
  • 10% Commission revenue on all sales, with ZERO costs and outlays to you.
  • 24/7 Vending convenience without the need for extra staffing or restriction of operating hours.

All sorts of vending

Provender doesn’t just do lolly vending; we do all sorts of vending to provide you with the ultimate convenience onsite. In addition to a lolly machine, we can provide products including:

  • Traditional snack and beverage favourites
  • Healthy vending such as fresh meals, muesli bars, nuts and low-calorie, low-sugar snacks
  • Hygiene and wellbeing items such as tissues, sanitisers, wipes, and disposable masks
  • Sports and gym vending including equipment and accessories, as well as exercise nutrition
  • Safety and PPE items such as goggles, gloves and vests
  • Tech2Go electronic accessories including headphones and portable chargers

Get started with Provender today
As the only franchise vending business in Australia with a well established national franchisee network committed to serving their local communities, Provender offers you high quality vending and peace of mind through great technology, great machines, great marketing and great support.
To arrange a visit to your site, contact our team at Provender to arrange a booking with your local representative today.