In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt and change the way we live and socialise. As for businesses and workplaces, a new set of challenges emerge which involves not only keeping with COVID safe regulations but also helping staff ease the stress and anxiety of transitioning back to work.

What can you do to create a work culture that nurtures a mentally and physically safe, productive and resilient workplace during and post COVID?

Your employees are your most valuable asset. A healthy body and mind are vital to productivity and performance. This is where Provender Vending can make a difference.

Provender’s premium VIP Wellness Partnership program enables your business to keep your work environment safe while promoting staff morale with a customised vending solution tailored to fit with your organisation’s wellbeing initiatives.

The in-house cafeteria or office kitchen may no longer be a viable option at your workplace. Our healthy premium program is designed to create a safer and healthier workplace with better job satis-faction, utilising a combination of micro-markets, smart fridges, and vending machines:

Micro Markets
Are you looking for a crowd-free solution that caters to shift workers and staff who want the flexibility to work outside of regular office hours? Self-checkout convenience kiosk with contactless payment is your solution. With a large selection of fresh food and healthy options to encourage healthy eating, contact us today if you would like to explore a micro-market for your workplace.

Smart fridges
Utilising Smart technology, Self-serve fridges can track products being removed or returned, and charge accordingly. Smart fridges can also provide Healthy SQF certified fresh meals that meet the highest Australian food safety standards. Menus can be customised and rotated, offering a cost-effective alternative to in-house cafeterias.

Vending Machines
Our European-made vending machines are not only energy efficient but can also safeguard your workplace with contactless credit card or subsidised employee access card payments. Choose from an extensive range of bespoke products to suit your needs from traditional snacks and refreshing beverages to Health Star Rated meals and café quality hot drinks.

Safety & Wellbeing with Provender
Safety comes first, and we have strict sanitisation protocols in place to ensure machines and products are handled with gloves, wiped clean and restocked during quiet hours. With our health and fitness industry partnerships, we can source and customise a complimentary wellness solution that your employees will enjoy, appreciate, and stay healthy.

Get in touch to find out more about our Premium VIP Wellness Partnership Program today, and download our brochure from here.