In light of the recent global pandemic, businesses around the world have been evaluating and adjusting their operations to meet with social distancing guidelines – a significant issue for the hospitality and accommodation industries. They have had to consider how to alleviate the impact of this while maintaining social distancing. Now is the time to consider how vending machines within your establishment can provide benefits and convenience while keeping the social distancing requirements. Vending machines have come a long way since the first modern coin-operated machines were introduced in the early 1880s. Nowadays, state-of-the-art machines can provide an unparalleled level of support and innovative customer-centric vending solutions while offering contactless options.

Self-Service Convenience

For example, in accommodation facilities, mini-bars are high cost in-room convenience which require support staff for restocking, record keeping and maintenance. Vending machines are the more modern, cost-effective alternative that offers self-service convenience and at the same time minimises interaction between guests and staff to be in line with social distancing measures.

Contactless Payments

With smart payment options using near-field communication (NFC) technology, guests can hold their NFC enabled device (smartphone, smartwatch, pay-pass or pay-wave contactless credit card) near the payment reader to complete a purchase on the Vending Machine. The NFC technology exchanges data between readers and devices, including Apple Pay and Android Pay electronic wallets, or EMV chip credit/debit cards without any contact. These contactless payments are fast, encrypted and highly secure. Vending machines can also provide prepaid/closed-loop payments, which allows the guest to prepay by ‘topping up’ a balance to be used at selected vending machines. You can also incentivise guests by allowing one free vend from the machine per day, which could be linked to a room card or key fob. Again, this can all be achieved within social distancing guidelines with a simple card for contactless vending.

Flexibility & Customisation

By offering self-service, convenience and contactless options, Provender Vending Machines and stock can be customised to meet the expectations of your guests. That’s why switching to our vending machines makes sense. It will assist your front of house or housekeeping staff in achieving social distancing, allowing them to serve guests where needed most. It’s one less thing to worry about.

FREE & Revenue Generating

What’s more, our demand-led vending system not only helps your establishment to save time and money but also reduce wastage and cut down on overstocking perishables. We supply our vending machines for free. Not only will we take care of delivery, installation, refilling, and maintenance at no extra cost to you. In fact, we offer a share of the revenue to you when you vend with Provender. Want to find out more? Download our brochure which outlines the top reasons to have Provender Vending Machines on your property. Make the switch to Provender’s FREE revenue-generating vending solution today!