Does your business have a sustainability policy, or looking for ways to support the environment?

Sustainability requires collective effort all around, and you too can do your part as a business. Today, many companies are committed to sustainability efforts, such as using recycled materials for their products or reducing their carbon footprint with environmentally conscious processes.

How do Vending Machines fit with your sustainability efforts?

You might think that vending machines consume power, so how can they be part of your sustainability plan? Well, did you know…

  • A vending machine only uses approximately the same energy as a refrigerator
  • Vending machines can be serviced at a ‘need only’ basis with smart messaging technology and off-site monitoring systems
  • Reduced servicing means less time spent on the roads, with less traffic and less carbon emission
  • Delivery trucks can be pre-packed for each vending machine; meaning smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles can be used

Given the current climate and the recent pandemic, a Vending solution might just be the perfect option to make a start to help our environment while providing a safe workplace for your staff!

Modern Vending Machines also have inbuilt energy-saving functions which include:

  • Compact refrigerated cells to avoid unnecessary cooling of control and payment systems
  • Double glazed glass to provide better insulation of cabinet, and minimising heat transfer
  • Effective cooling of products without power wastage with state-of-the-art efficient airflow inside cells
  • Energy-saving mode or sleep mode that can save up to 15% of operation energy and reducing electricity cost
  • LED lighting for longer life and very low energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly refrigeration gases to minimise carbon footprint and kind to the environment
  • Clever machine designs for low-cost disassembly
  • Ability to be recycled at the end of their lives
  • No usage of PVC, glues, mercury, or thermosetting compositions in machine manufacturing

Caring for the environment doesn’t mean that you cannot provide a snack, meal or beverage option for your visitors and staff. Our Vending Machines love the planet as much as you do, so why not consider a vending solution for your business?

Provenders environmental policy:

Provender is a member of Refrigerant Reclaim Australia. RRA is a not-for-profit organisation created to work nationally with industry to share the responsibility for and costs of, recovering, reclaiming and destroying surplus and unwanted refrigerants.

Provender recognises the Recycling Container Deposit Schemes in each state:

  • 100% of beverage products sold in Provender Vending machines are recyclable and eligible for refunds through the Containers for Change container deposit scheme.
  • Of the non-beverage products that Provender ranges, approximately 80% are soft plastics re-cyclable through REDcycle.
  • RED Group is a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation who has developed and implemented the REDcycle Program; a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.
  • Provender does not use any products that are packaged using Styrofoam or Polystyrene.

A Vending Solution for any industry

Provender’s extensive range of vending machines can be tailored and customised to suit any industry or environment, including:

  • Office Environments
  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Hospitals, Health and Medical Clinics
  • Fitness and Leisure Centres
  • Universities, TAFE, RTO’s and Educational facilities
  • Government and Public Sector locations or venues
  • Industrial and Construction industry needs

Provender Vending is a leader in the vending industry by being conscientious in all our business practices and ensuring that we keep our carbon emissions to an absolute minimum, and we can help your business be part of the efforts towards a sustainable future too!

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