As we enter the new year with an ongoing pandemic, many businesses are still navigating a ‘new normal’ and facing continued challenges. With this comes an even greater social responsibility to prioritise staff safety and wellbeing.

Companies can help ease the stress and apprehension of staff with robust wellbeing initiatives in place. A healthy mind and body are vital for sustained performance, especially in these uncertain and challenging times. Healthy employees create a healthy business. How can you make a difference in your workplace and promote a healthy culture?

Start with Eating Habits:

Keep your employees healthy by promoting healthy eating habits in your workplace. Provender’s new Premium Wellness Program can help. Our range of customisable solutions can meet your business’s needs with 100 or more employees, whether they are working on-site or remotely. 

Furthermore, all our solutions create a safe environment which is Crowd Free with Contactless Payment options:

  • Vending Machines

Vending machines do not have to be full of junk food. Our range of modern machines can be tailored to suit and provide Café quality coffee and tea, as well as a wide variety of Health Star Rated snacks, including low calorie and low sugar options.

  • Micro Markets

Customised layout for any space, our Micro Markets offer on-site convenience and ideal replacement of the in-house cafeteria or office kitchen. With self-checkout and open 24/7 requiring no physical contact, Micro Markets can offer a wide variety with open shelves and coolers.

  • Smart Fridges

A cost-effective alternative to the in-house cafeteria, our range of Smart Fridges can provide your staff with freshly prepared, high quality and gourmet 4+ Health Star Rating meals. Menus can be rotated for variety and customised to suit dietary requirements and taste preferences.

Premium Plans for Total Wellbeing

To further promote a healthy work culture, we offer 3 Premium Membership Plans to meet your needs and support employee’s wellbeing:

  • Customised vending solutions using a combination of Vending Machines, Micro Markets and Smart Fridges
  • Snack Box subscription
  • Total Body Strength & Wellness Classes
  • Access to Nutritionist
  • Growth Mindset Coaching

Vend towards a healthier new year for your business and staff. Our Premium Service can customise a safe, healthy and innovative solution that goes way beyond traditional vending. Create a work culture that nurtures a mentally and physically safe, productive and resilient workplace in the new year!

Contact us for more information about our Premium Wellness programs today. Download our brochure for a comprehensive overview of all that is included.