Did you know, modern vending machines are not only sleek, elegant, and energy-efficient, they can also be customised to suit any environment?

Vending machines have come a long way in the past several decades, now equipped with the latest technology and functions. Accordingly, trends in vending have also evolved to adapt and suit the needs of various industries:

Growing Health Consciousness

There is a growing trend of health consciousness, in wake of the increasing numbers of lifestyle diseases, greater awareness of healthy eating, and the recent pandemic. Nowadays, healthier options can also be seen in vending machines, including:

  • Fresh ready meals that meet Health Star rating and SQF compliance
  • Nutritious snacks such as nuts, protein bars, and fruit juices
  • Low calorie, low sugar options
  • Products to suit special dietary requirements including vegan and gluten-free

Customised for Industry Needs

In addition, vending can now be tailored to suit any environment. This includes non-food items and other convenience products, for example:

  • Gyms and Fitness centres – towels, protein shakes, pre-workouts and sports nutrition options
  • Hospital and Medical facilities – hygiene products such as masks and sanitisers, fresh meals for shift workers
  • Workplaces – traditional favourites with a mix of the healthy variety, with staff vending subsidy and discounts
  • Educational institutions – universities and schools can provide staff and students with a large variety of food and convenience items such as stationery across large campuses
  • Accommodation and Hotels – delight your guests with variety and save on the costs of maintaining a mini-bar; including lifestyle, grooming, luxury items, alcohol or even souvenirs
  • Warehouses – anything can go into a vending machine, ensure staff safety with PPE vending such as goggles, gloves, and masks
  • Tech2Go – with a growing dependency on devices in a digital world, Tech2Go is a new category that vends convenience items to support our use of technology

Branding and Promotion

Vending machines can be customised from the inside to the outside. Nowadays you can also custom design your branding to cover and wrap the outside of your machine, for the added advantage of branding awareness and promotion. 

Micro Markets

Expanding on the concept of 24/7 convenience vending is the Micro Market, a self-serve kiosk that can stock an extensive range of products, similar to having a mini convenience store onsite. This can save businesses significant amounts in operating costs, replacing an onsite cafeteria or canteen.

Why Vend in Your Business? 

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