A hybrid form of vending and foodservice, the Micro Market is gaining wide popularity with businesses and facilities to reduce staff costs and increase operational efficiencies.

Announcing the Provender Micro Market – The Best of Both Worlds

Provender Australia has recently launched the increasingly popular Micro Markets solution leading the way in healthy micro-market vending kiosk solutions.

So, what is a Micro Market? Simply put, micro markets are like mini self-service convenience stores that open 24/7, offering all the convenience but without the limitations of vending machines or operating costs and restricted times of in-house cafeterias. Micro Markets can be custom designed to fit an area, and unlike vending machines, which carry limited items, micro markets offer unrestricted flexibility – with a healthy focus. Best of all, there is no financial outlay or additional staff necessary to get started with our new Provender Micro Markets.

Modern Convenience Stores

Micro Markets are like convenience stores, with the ability to offer refreshment services 24/7. The difference is a self-checkout kiosk in which customers can make payments using various touchless methods such as credit cards, mobile device apps, or staff identification. 

Stock and Display

While a vending machine can hold a decent selection of products, the Micro Market can easily stock hundreds more with a layout design that includes an open shelf display as well as refrigerators and freezers. Customers can choose from a significantly increased product variety than a traditional vending machine can offer, making this the perfect solution to replace onsite canteens.

Healthy Choices

In line with the growing trend toward healthier lifestyles, the Micro Market can be customised to stock fresh meals and products to suit customers with special dietary needs; including gluten-free, vegetarian, low-sugar, and low-calorie options. Health-star rated meals can be prepared with additional microwave facilities, providing delicious and nutritious alternatives to staff, especially those working late shifts.  

Improved Rest Space

As the Micro Market is a self-service facility, this can be easily set up as part of the employee rest space, improving its use and providing a one-stop-shop for staff breaks. This allows staff to save time and enjoy a higher quality rest than having to rush out to purchase refreshments offsite. The improved rest space can also promote social interaction, which in turn boosts staff morale and productivity.

Grab-and-Go for Students

Micro Markets are also well suited to education facilities and campuses, allowing students to grab-and-go between classes. Fast and secure cashless payment options make it easy to grab a quick bite without the need to fumble between vending machines. Students can purchase multiple items, including drinks, snacks, and meals, in one seamless transaction.

Provender Australia – for all your Micro Market needs

If you are looking for a solution to replace onsite dining or canteen services, the Micro Market is the perfect option. Helping your business reduce operating costs while still providing high-quality refreshments. Provender is at the forefront of vending technology and micro market installation. 

We can customise a Micro Market plan to meet the needs of your staff and students while taking into account the size and layout of the space in your facilities. You can even choose to utilise a combination of vending machines to complement a Micro Market, ensuring the needs of your staff are fully looked after.

Provender is a 100% family-owned Australian nation-wide trusted supplier of vending and Micro Market solutions. Get in touch to find out more today!