With automated refreshments traditionally relying on only vending machines, it’s no surprise that the new concept of Micro Markets is gaining rapid popularity. Micro Markets offer a perfect mid-ground between vending machines and a full cafeteria, with the potential to deliver higher profits while requiring a lower upfront investment. Here are some reasons why your customers prefer a Micro Market:

Extended Range of Products

Micro markets can provide a wider variety of products to meet the needs of staff and visitors. This is due to the open shelving design that allows for a range of package sizes which would normally be restricted in a vending machine. Self-serve display fridges also allow for the inclusion of fresh gourmet options such as wraps, sushi, and freshly squeezed juices and soup varieties. In addition, a micro market can accommodate hundreds or even over one thousand items all in one convenient location, which is often not possible even with multiple vending machines.

More Purchases with Convenient Payment Options

The large variety of items available in a Micro Market encourages purchasing a combination of items in one transaction, leading to higher profits than having customers vend from multiple machines. Shoppers can also look, pick up and feel the items, making the experience more personal, similar to that of a convenience store which also promotes more purchases. At the payment kiosk, a range of options is available including the popular cashless tap-and-go as well as a prepaid account option with fingerprint identification that is not normally possible with most vending machines.

Easy Set-Up and Low Cost

Micro Markets is by far the most suitable solution to replace a fully staffed cafeteria or to provide onsite convenience for businesses that are looking for something more than just vending machines. The layout and size of a micro market are fully customisable to suit your premise and individual shelving, displays and stations can be tailored to the needs of your staff and visitors. As it is a fully self-serviced kiosk, there is no need to keep staff onsite or limit the opening hours, further maximising the revenue stream while minimising operational costs.

Why Choose Provender

Provender is Australia’s leader in the vending industry, with an established and trusted network of high-quality local suppliers. We are the only vending business within Australia that can provide you with the top leading brands within each category, ensuring that your Micro Market delivers the best customer experience in your business or workplace.

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